English Theme Day- Arbor Day——英语主题日之“植树日”

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    As the sunning of spring, the Arbor Day of Jingzhou Maple Leaf came to the English Corner today!



    All the students in our school participated in this activity. As soon as class was over, they couldn't wait to bring their homemade planter and go to English Corner!


    "Look!  Those are our planters, we made them by recycled cups. They are pretty andenvironment-friendly."Do you want to know a secret? We used so many beautiful and creative cups for this activity. Some just think that today is "Cup Day", hahaha.


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    Under the guidance of all English teachers, students were taught the steps in the process of planting a seed in English.


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    How to grow a tree:

    1. Buy a seed.

    2.Find a good place in the garden.

    3.Dig a hole.

    4.Put the seed in the hole.

    5.cover the seed with soil.

    6.Water the soil.

    After knowing these steps, we can't wait to plant our own small plants.


    Little seeds, sprout  and grow quickly, I will come to visit you everyday. 


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    At last, students from grade 7 performed an interesting drama to illustrate the growing process of trees and the environmental protection of trees. 


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    By this English day's activity, we know the process of the plant and growth of a tree. We also know how important trees are to humans. Protecting the environment and trees will be deeply rooted in everyone's mind.


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